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Summer Math Intervention Sessions


A graduate level math intervention course at USJ has a practicum component in which graduate students work 1 on 1 with students with special needs over a 5 week period. An experienced math interventionist oversees the work. The focus of the sessions is on an identified math objective selected by the family or teacher of the student with special needs in math (students with IEP or 504, who are receiving extra services like SRBI, who are below grade level or who have a history of struggling with math)

Each graduate student, in collaboration with the supervising instructor, conduct initial assessment, implement a variety of instructional strategies and conduct ongoing progress monitoring and provide lots of objective data!


The sessions run 5-6PM every Thursday from July 12 to August 9 at the USJ campus.


  • Parents are provided objective data from curriculum based assessments that can be provided to the home school educators.
  • Parents are provided a portfolio of an array of instructional strategies. This could provide insight for the home school educators on what works for the student with special needs.
  • Parents observe the sessions to gain first hand knowledge of how their student with special needs engages in math and knowledge of what effective math services look like.
  • At the end, the graduate student will meet 1 on 1 with the parents to explain the assessment data and instructional strategies and will provide a comprehensive report.
  • At the end, the instructor will meet with parents to explain how to leverage the information provided by the graduate students with the home school educators, especially PPT or 504 teams.

Next Step

If you are interested, please contact Randy Ewart (email address below). Note: these sessions are designed to benefit both the student with special needs and the graduate students. Hence, families who participate are expected to attend all 5 sessions.


The instructor is Randy Ewart, a veteran math teacher and math interventionist who received his master’s in special education at USJ. He has provided consultation and services to multiple districts and over 100 students with special needs to make math accessible. You can visit his blog for examples of his work: www.ctspedmathdude.com. Email him at ctspedmathdude@gmail.com

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Long Range Planning Parent Presentation USJ

The link below is to a drop box that has the handouts presented in the presentation, including a PDF of the presentation itself.

Drop Box Link



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Special Ed = Problem-Solving

Received a Tweet from a parent asking about a particular disability. While I do not have experience with the disability in question, I feel I have the tools to address any disability. This is largely due to my professional training.

For my master’s in special ed I took an assistive technology (AT) course at the University of Saint Joseph. The first night the instructor, Carolann Cormier, revealed indirectly that AT (and special education in general) was essentially a problem-solving endeavor.

This was an epiphany. Since that one night I have had the mindset of using problem-solving and thinking outside the box to meet student needs. I give Carolann tremendous credit and identify that course as being one of the best I have ever had. Examples of how this has manifest in my teaching is evident on this blog, e.g. color coding and graphing on the computer.

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Presentation to Autism Class USJ November 2012

Presentation to Autism Class USJ November 2012

This is the PDF file of a presentation given to the Intro to Autism class at the University of Saint Joseph in November, 2012.

Please email me if you have any questions or requests.

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