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Cat Chasing Mouse as System of Equations






This is a screen shot from explorelearning’s Gizmos. This site has various simulations related to science and math. This one shows multiple reprsentations for a system of equations. The site has 5 minute test trials which can be used to present a topic in class. I used the one for photosynthesis for a 7th grader with asperger’s who was collecting data for his science fair project.gizmo simulation of cat and mouse


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Scaffolding Solving Systems by Graphing

intro to solving systems by graphing

The photo shows a snippet of a handout I use as a discovery activity for solving systems by graphing. It shows the use of color coding as well. I start the lesson with a do now handout  that reviews graphing, checking a solution for a system and previews a word problem modeled by a system.

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