Skip Counting Scaffolded

I work with students from elementary school to college. At all levels there are many students who struggle with multiplication. When I work with a student on multiplication I focus on skip counting as opposed to multiplication facts. Skip counting connects to multiplication as repeated addition, which is the foundation for scale and proportion. To do this, I scaffolded the skip counting and connect it to prior knowledge. This post provides details for this approach, which is presented in a handout.


The first page of the handout provides an overview.

Sections of the Handout

Note: the image of the 10s shows mistakes that are not in the actual handout.

Access to the Handout

Here is a link to the document. As stated in the overview on page 1, the elements of this handout may be cropped out and used individually. At least, the scaffolded rows can be covered to prevent the students from copy from previous rows completed.

I am interested in feedback on how to make this more useful or effective.

4 Replies to “Skip Counting Scaffolded”

  1. Handout looks great. Thought, maybe 2s, then 4s. The page with 3s, 6s . On the individual pages have a visual to show 2 2 2 2
    4. 4
    If you had 5s. 10a,.
    Repeat 4s, and have 8s on a page to show doubling technique

  2. On “Count aloud and fill in the blanks”, the count by 10 seems off. It goes from 60 to a blank and then to 70.

  3. In the 2’s and 3’s number line handout pictured, the second numberline has two errors – missing 15 and 28.

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