Number Lines to Represent Percents

I am following the blog Adventures at the Pond (author has some great stuff!) and the following photo was posted on this blog. percents on a number line

This is an excellent alternate representation of a concept. I do not know how the author would present this in class but here’s what I would do. I would give the students the number line with the initial information and ask them to estimate the total minutes – no calculation.percents on a number line part 1

I would then explain the factor in the percent part (multiply by 5 to get to 100%) and lead the students to carry this factor over into the minutes:percents on a number line part 2This would lead into proportions nicely. I would present the number lines and have the students work out problems using this approach first (Universal Design for Learning) then redo the problems using proportions.

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  1. We approached our lesson and work for this concept in a similar way. We also connected it to a ‘double’ number line. It always amazes me to see the ‘light bulbs’ and ‘ah ha’ moments when connecting concepts to visual models. Thank you for sharing, linking, and discussing!

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