How I Can Help You Make Math Accessible

If you play a role in helping a student with special needs learn math, then I have pages for you.


I was a long time math teacher. When my son was diagnosed with autism in 2008, I turned my focus to special education, earning a master’s in special ed. In turn this led me to creating CTSPEDMATHDUDE. The primary goal of this website is to help make math accessible for all students – math that is appropriate for the respective student.

I have used the same instructional approaches with individuals from as young as 5 years old to helping a 23 year old learn to count money. I work with life-skills math and AP Statistics and Calculus. These are approaches I shared with math teacher candidates and special education teacher candidates I have trained for the Connecticut Department of Higher Education, University of Connecticut, Central Connecticut State University, Capital Region Education Council, and University of Saint Joseph (my alma mater).

How I Can Help

While I do offer fee based services, the overwhelming focus of this site is to share strategies, activities, and artifacts – free. Please take a look at the categories below and see how I can help you.


Check out Special Education topics or Services, and share my site with teachers. If you are working on math with your student, then look at Teacher, Tutor, Instructor suggestions below. I also provide workshops and presentations to parent groups, pro bono.

Teacher, Tutor, Instructor

Check out Task Analysis approach to math, Instructional Strategies, and school levels for math topics (see menu above). If you are a Special Ed teacher, then check out Special Education Topics.


Look at Services and let me know if I can meet a need or solve a problem for you. Additionally, the Task Analysis page details an approach to math I use for math and special ed teacher candidates and can be presented in PD.

Advocate or Lawyer

Look at Services. If your client has a math related issue to resolve, then I can help. I also provide presentations and workshops to groups, pro bono.

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