Exponent Rules with Jamboard

The Product and Quotient Rules are challenging largely because there are few ways to present them in an accessible format. This post outlines an approach using manipulatives on a Google Jamboard.


The Jamboard activity involves using moveable variables as manipulatives to provide a hands on approach to learning the rules. The first slide presents the idea of exponents as repeated multiplication. The Product and Quotient Rules use the manipulatives approach to unpack the underlying concepts of the rules. Note: there are set problems followed by blank templates. Here is a FB Reel and a YouTube video showing how this works.

Accessing Jamboard

Make a copy to access the Jamboard

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  1. I really enjoy your materials and have many of them with my 8th graders. I can’t seem to find the magical place to make a copy of this jamboard. Where on the blog post should I be clicking?

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