Elapsed Time Part 2 – IEP Objective

I previously posted a scaffolded handout and (subsequently posted) for identifying elapsed time between times on a pair of presented clocks (see image below of a page from the handout.)

A parent asked for a possible IEP objective. Here is one, along with some explanation.

Let’s start with a real life scenario many of our students may face. A municipal bus stops at a location a 7:04am. The individual is supposed to be at work at 7:30am. How much time does he have to walk to work from the drop off location? We can use this real life scenario to inform an IEP objective.

Here is a possible objective:

Given two times in a real life situation, presented with visuals and written or verbal context, Billy will identify the elapsed time. (For example: The bus drops you off at 7:23am and you have walk to work by 7:45am. How much time do you have to walk?). He will do so 9 out of 10 times correctly over 2 consecutive assessments. This would be aligned with the Common Core State Standard 3.MD.A.1.

The student can start with problems presented like what is shown in the handout I shared in the previous post as a step towards mastering the objective.

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