Cutting Up the Math Into Bite-sized Pieces

When I train new math and special education teachers I explain that teaching math should be like feeding a hot dog to a baby in a high chair. Cut up the hot dog into bite-sized pieces. The baby will still consumer the entire hot dog. Same with math. Our students can consume the entire math topic being presented but in smaller chunks.

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My approach to doing this is through a task analysis. This is very similar to chunking. It is a method to cut up the math into bite-sized pieces just as we would break up a common task for students with special needs.

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While waiting for my coffee order at a Burger King I saw on the wall a different version of a task analysis. It was a step by step set of directions using photos on how to pour a soft cream ice-cream cone. I thought it was amazing that Burger King can do such a good job training its employees by breaking the task down yet in education we often fall short in terms of breaking a math topic down.

soft cream icecream cone task analysis

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  1. So I tried to break down a task my scholars are doing in Alg 2 just now, finding the axis of symmetry and the vertex of a given quadratic.

    Consider the task of “find the axis of symmetry and vertex of f(x)=2x^2+5x-1

    !st cut remember the general form f(x)=ax^2+bx+c
    2nd cut identify the values of a,b and c.
    a=2, b=5, c=1
    3rd cut remember the equation of the axis of symmetry. x=(-b)/(2a)
    4th cut substitute the values into the equation of the axis of symmetry.
    x=(-5)/(2*2)=-5/4 x+-5/4 is the axis of symmetry
    5th cut the vertex is at the point (-5/4,f(-5/4))
    6th cut calculate f(-5/4)
    7th cut f(-5/4)=2(-5/4)^2+5(-5/4)-1=(-50/16)-25/4-1=(-50/16)-(100/16)-16/16=(-166/16)=(-84/8)=(-42/4)=-21/2

    The Axis of symmetry is x=(-5/4) and the vertex is at ((-5/4),(-21/2)

    Somehow the 7 bites from the 7 cuts don’t seem bite size…..but I can’t think of how to make the cuts smaller…..

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