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Webinar on Task Analysis of a Math Topic


folder link

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Video Presentation on Advocating for Effective Services Using the IEP


Try to ignore the background

Presentation at Simsbury SEPTO, February 2016 on Advocating for Effective Services using the IEP (see link below)

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Documents for Webinars on Supporting Students with Autism in Math


Link to Drop Box folder for webinar on Task Analysis

Link to Drop Box folder for webinar on Making Math Meaningful (note: the folder is not populated with handouts with excerpts shown on the video. These documents will be available in the folder by Oct 16.

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Documents to Share from Webinar on Math and Autism

Here is a link to a Drop Box folder with documents shown during webinar.

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Webinar Folder

screencastify screen shot

I will be making available a series of webinar type recordings addressing math and special needs. These are free for use and feedback is appreciated. I will also post a Q&A blog post for each video.

Many of the videos will have companion documents which can be found here.

As of February 21, 2016 there are no videos available but they are coming soon.

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