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Function Notation for Algebra

Below is a video of a lesson I recorded on function notation using the Explain Everything app. The lesson starts by addressing the concept of function notation by connecting it to the use of the notation “Dr.” as in Dr. Nick of Simpson’s fame. The lesson builds on prior knowledge throughout with a focus on color coding and multiple representations.

This videos shows an instructional approach to teaching function notation and concepts in general and video lessons can be used for students who miss class or who need differentiation.

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Stratford SEPTA Presentation: Making Math Accessible for All Students


Presentation by Randy Ewart at Feb 27, 2017 SEPTA meeting

Link to Drop Box folder with documents to share.

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Documents for Task Analysis Presentation – DADD 2017 Conference



Here is a link to a Dropbox folder with the documents I will address in my presentation. (Note: documents will not be uploaded until Jan 19, 2017.)

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Video Presentation on Advocating for Effective Services Using the IEP


Try to ignore the background

Presentation at Simsbury SEPTO, February 2016 on Advocating for Effective Services using the IEP (see link below)

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Documents for Webinars on Supporting Students with Autism in Math


Link to Drop Box folder for webinar on Task Analysis

Link to Drop Box folder for webinar on Making Math Meaningful (note: the folder is not populated with handouts with excerpts shown on the video. These documents will be available in the folder by Oct 16.

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Documents to Share from Webinar on Math and Autism

Here is a link to a Drop Box folder with documents shown during webinar.

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Links for documents presented at parent workshops

Parent workshop on advocating for effective support for math Feb, March 2016: link

Simsbury SEPTO meeting Feb 2016: link


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