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Pretest on Money and Spending for Consumer Math

pretest money

The photo shows a pre-posttest for a student in a consumer math class. In the course I taught we would conduct a pretest at the start of the class to determine which of the related skills a student lacked mastery. The course focus for this student was on the identified skills – highly individualized. The assessment also provided┬ápresent level of performance information, allowed us to monitor progress and to evaluate instruction.

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Counting Money Coin Chart

coin chartThis chart is what we use to teach students to count total value for given coins. Students start by placing coins in order from most value to least. We start with pennies only, then nickels, dimes then combinations. Students learn value of coins with initial matching then through working with the coins as they count total value.


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Consumer Math

Consumer Math Modules Draft Nov 17 2013At my school we are looking to develop a track for math for students with disability for whom the traditional math courses are inappropriate. Many of the topics and concepts from the traditional courses are addressed but in a practical approach with the principles of UDL incorporated. This is not a typical dumping ground situation that many of us have encountered. These are courses for students who need support in being independent and who will not benefit from being exposed to simplifying (5x + 2y – 3xy) – (7x – 8y + 9xy). Here is a link to some documents, including the units and topics. Contact me if you would like more info!

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