Inclusion vs Proximity

Some educators and parents of students with special needs are unclear about what is meant by the term inclusion. Some think it is having the student with a disability in the same location as “nondisabled peers.” Some think it involves doing the same exact tasks or academic work. Sesame Street figured this question out years… Continue reading Inclusion vs Proximity

Classroom Management – Point Sheets

Here are some point sheets or check lists I have used to help shape behavior. This is a follow up to the post on classroom management. Left: for groups Middle: for individuals Right: for students with autism who would benefit from visual schedules

Workshops on Math IEP Objectives and Data Collection, and Instruction for LD, ADHD, ASD

Announcing 2 workshops for educators working with students with special needs on math. These are designed to be hands on, with immediately implementation and can be delivered to schoolwide or district wide audiences. Identifying, writing, and monitoring progress for IEP math objectives that will support the entire year of math and that will allow all… Continue reading Workshops on Math IEP Objectives and Data Collection, and Instruction for LD, ADHD, ASD

Information Processing Analogy – Big Picture

Effective instruction is effective because it addresses the key elements of how the brain processes information. I share an analogy to help adults (parents and educators) fully appreciate this. Information Processing Model Below is a model of information processing first introduced to me in a master’s course at UCONN. Here is a summary of what… Continue reading Information Processing Analogy – Big Picture

Wicked Cool Simulation Site

I used this site, Explorelearning, with a 7th grader with Aspergers who tested at a 1st grade math and reading level. We used the Photo Synthesis Lab (screen shot below) to gather experimental data on the hypothesis “what helps flowers grow?” He won at the school level and went on to district competition. (As of… Continue reading Wicked Cool Simulation Site

Shopping Cart of Accommodations

Teachers have a thousand tasks to complete every day. Identifying and sharing accommodations is an important one that takes time. This blog post shows a resource that allows teachers to literally shop for accommodations like they shop for items on Amazon or Target. Overview Accomods is an online source of accommodations for special education and… Continue reading Shopping Cart of Accommodations

Mailbag Jan 26, 2019

Are you a parent of a student with special needs who is struggling with a math topic? Are you a teacher figuring out how to differentiate for a particular student on a math topic? Pose your question and I will offer suggestions. Share your question via email or in a comment below. I will respond… Continue reading Mailbag Jan 26, 2019