Nice use of a graphic organizer for critical thinking

Purpose Driven Teaching


My 4th grade class is officially one week away from our state standardized testing for writing.  From the beginning of the year my students have been great writers, but their organization and transitions have often been lacking to say the least.

I have always been a visual learner, and I know most of my students are as well.  Recently, my class started using IBrainstorm to create thinking maps that outline the plot in the various chapter books they are reading.  The app is so user friendly that most of my students have started using it during their spelling station when they play “guess my sort” with their spelling words, and now it has sneaked its way into our writing time as well.

4 Square WritingMy school uses a technique called the four square writing method. You can create a four square on the IBrainstorm app as well!  The students draw in the…

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