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DDS Accessible Playground – Please Support

Please help support a new accessible playground at Camp Harkness, our state park for people with disabilities with a donation today! Your change can change lives!

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Elapsed Time Part 2 – IEP Objective

I previously posted a scaffolded handout for identifying elapsed time between times on a pair of presented clocks (see image below of a page from the handout.) A parent asked for a possible IEP objective. Here is one, along with some explanation. Let’s start with a real life scenario many of our students may face. […]

Elapsed Time – Scaffolded Handout

Several elementary teachers shared that elapsed time was the hardest topic to teach. Here is a scaffolded handout to help compute elapsed time. The elapsed time setting is presented with two clocks, starting and stopping time. Below is an image for one of the more advanced pages of the handout. Here is how the strategy […]

Rounding to Nearest 10 with Scaffolding Faded

The first page has maximum scaffolding with the student focusing only on which tens to round to. In turn, an a different element is the focus (e.g., writing the 0s then rounding) and then the scaffolding is increasingly faded. Here is a link to a WORD document so you can change numbers AND add digits […]

Introduction to Key Characteristics of Graphs Using a Rollercoaster

I introduce key characteristics with parabolas and use the analogy of a rollercoaster. Riding once (and never a again) the Superman rollercoaster at Six Flags New England got me thinking about this. At one point the rollercaster hits ground level (a zero) and then goes underground (negative y values). Here is a handout I use […]


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